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A Different Model of Art Class

Private painting and drawing classes for adults are offered at my studio in Buckingham, PA.  They are scheduled at a mutually convenient time and occur on either a weekly or twice a month schedule. 


Students of all levels are welcome;  from absolute beginner through intermediate/advanced.  No art experience is required to enroll. 


Classes are intended and designed for individuals who want to be good at art, find their own style  and avoid the frustration of not getting the individual instruction they truly need.  . 

These classes are for people who want to stop the cycle of "learning a little bit here and there" in isolated classes and really get down to the business of learning how to paint. 

More information about why I teach this way is here. 

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We begin with where you are now.  We honestly assess your skills and talk about what your goals are, and what you need to learn to get there.  This is a very personalized program of art instruction; you are the only student in the class.  We work together as a team.  Every lesson is designed to help you learn how to paint and draw in an easy, efficient way in a very supportive environment. 


Technically, there no "landscape class" or "still life class" - there is only art class.   If you want to focus on landscape, that is great, but depending on your level of skill, we may need to do some still life work in order to build the skills you need for landscape (to learn form, shading, etc.,). 

For best results students should:

  • Plan to attend classes for a minimum of 3 to 6 months. 

  • Have a schedule that allows for regular attendance to weekly or twice monthly classes.  

  • Have the ability to spend time outside of class  (ideally 2 to 4 hours per week) to work on at home assignments. 

What to expect in each 2-hour class:

  • Work on projects in class that are designed specifically to address the skills you need to develop.

  • Work on improving your technique (how you handle the brush or pencil, etc.),  discuss the materials you are using, etc.

  • Review the work you did outside of class; discuss and address your challenges, celebrate your wins. 

  • Work on developing, or discovering, your own personal means of expression (style).   

Days and Times: 

Classes are be scheduled Mondays through Fridays.  There is limited availability in the evenings and on Saturdays. No classes are held on Sundays. 


A mutually agreed upon day and time will be arranged when you enroll.  Example:  Every other Wednesday at 4:00 pm.  There is flexibility for holidays, unexpected events, etc.  but overall, attendance on the agreed upon day and time needs to be respected. 

Programs & Tuition: 

Twice a month, (each class 2 hours in duration / 4 hours of instruction):  $250

Once a week, (each class 2 hours in duration/ 8 hours of instruction):  $500

Tuition is paid in advance, on the first class of each month.  Check, cash and credit cards are accepted. 

In the event a class is missed during the month, we can schedule a makeup class or pro-rate the tuition for the following month. 

To contact me with questions or to enroll, please email me. 








Reviews and Comments



“"Materese is a natural born teacher, it’s just who she is and she gives it her all.  As a result, her students learn and grow in ways they could not expect."  E. Waters


“ You are simply the best, I’ve tried other instructors and workshops, but no one compares."  Michelle E.


“I cannot tell you what a positive impact your classes have had on my daughter.  They have opened up her world and have helped her see the world differently. She actually used experiences she had in your class an example of how she was met with a challenge she thought she could not meet and how she overcame them for her college application. Thank you so much."  Barbara K.


"Materese has helped me refine my technique, find my voice and direction. Her teaching method allows the student to develop his/her own style and build upon that foundation.”  Kate F.


"Excellent and patient instruction for beginners, as well as intermediates. Materese, an incredibly accomplished painter herself, paces instruction to the individual needs of each student while instilling the complete range of information necessary to success in painting. --- highly recommended!"   Don C. 


"Materese's instruction and guidance have been invaluable to me.  With a nice balance of practicum and theory, I have learned the core principles of painting - and art in general - as well as the ways I can incorporate them into my own work.  Materese is patient, flexible and encouraging.  I'm very grateful to her."  K.F. 


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