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Commissioning a work of art should not intimidate you.  It's simply me creating a work to your specifications, in the size and palette that you are looking for. 

Very often a commissioned work of art is the result of someone loving a couple of paintings and they are looking for a specific size. Other times, people want a specific location.   We simply sit down and discuss what you are looking for. Then I draft a sketch, review it with you, and once we agree on the vision, I'm off and running.


Most commissions take approximately 6 weeks to complete, larger works may take a week or two more.  All commissions require a 50% deposit with the balance due at time of delivery. 

On this page are a few samples of commissions I've done for various collectors and designers. 

To start the process, simply contact me via email.  Thanks and I look forward to working with you! 



"Karen's Dream" | Oil on Canvas | 20" x 40" 

"Uncharted"  | Oil on LInen | 24" x 52" 

"Shelter from the Storm" | Oil on Linen | 36" x 60" 

"Into the Distance" | Oil on Linen |  30" x 40" 

"Memories of Tuscany".  | 2 panels, each 4 foot x 8 foot tall | Oil on Canvas 

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