Commissions are my favorite projects.  Working directly with a client to understand their vision; developing that relationship is part of the creative process. Seeing the smile on a client's face when their painting is delivered and installed; knowing that our work together has produced a work of art that they will always cherish, is an incredible feeling. 

Commissioning a painting is far easier than one might expect.  Please click here for information on the process and what to expect. 

"Karen's Dream" | Oil on Canvas | 24" x 48" 

The client for this commission wanted a painting that made her feel like she was back home in New England.  She provided the reference photo and wanted me to convey the sensation of standing on the beach, feeling the wind and sun on her face.  

Harwich, Cape Cod. Materese Roche.jpg

"Uncharted" | Oil on Canvas | 24" x 54" 

The interior designer had a very specific neutral palette for a client's bedroom.  She needed something peaceful and serene.  She provided an inspiration photo, fabric swatches, wallpaper samples and paint chips.  This allowed me to do an exact color match in the painting so that it complemented the room perfectly. 


"The Approach" | Oil on Linen | 30" x 40" 

The clients for this commission live in Marion, MA and had been wanting one of my cloud paintings for some time.  We worked together to create exactly what they wanted by looking at paintings I had previously done, discussing the colors of their home and the size they needed.  


"Shelter from the Storm" | Oil on Linen | 48" x 60" 

The client for this commission was quite taken with a painting in my gallery so I took it to her home.  It was too small for the space she wanted to hang it,  so I created a much larger version of it. I also made some color adjustments and obtained a custom frame to  more finely suit her decor.