"Uncharted"  24 x 54 Oil on Canvas:  Commissioned oil painting for interior designer





One of the advantages of commissioning a painting is the interaction you have with the artist, deepening the artist /collector relationship.  The creative process becomes personal and interactive. 



For private collectors who are looking to commission a contemporary landscape painting, I'm interested in what meaning the commission would have for you;  why does a specific location have special meaning to you or your family? What memories and emotions does it evoke?  We discuss these things so that the painting is more than just my vision, your participation is vital to creating a  landscape painting that has deep personal meaning for you. 

Art for interior designers is just as collaborative. We begin with the practical matters of size, subject, palette and budget.  We discuss your vision of the room and how the art will complete it.    Fabric swatches, paint or wallpaper samples and a photograph of the room where the painting will be hung are invaluable in helping me design a painting that will add a unique, personalized element to your clients' room.  


All paintings are created with archival materials and are finished with conservation grade varnish.   Framing options and selection are at the discretion of the client. 


More information and inquiries are welcome by emailing me directly: 


"Karen's Dream"  18 x 36,   Fine Art Commission for a private collector

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