"Uncharted"  24 x 54 Oil on Canvas:  Commissioned oil painting for interior design project





One of the advantages of commissioning a painting is the deepening of the artist /collector relationship.  The creative process becomes personal, interactive, and results in something much more than just a picture. 

Working with private collectors looking to commission a landscape painting, I'm interested in why a specific location has special meaning to you or your family. What memories, emotions, and feelings does it evoke?  We discuss these things so that the painting is more than just my vision; your input is important so I can convey what a place means to you and translate the emotional impact into the painting.  

In working with interior designers, we discuss your vision of the room and how the art will complete it.    Fabric swatches, paint, or wallpaper samples and seeing the room where the painting will be hung is invaluable in helping me design a painting that will add a unique, personalized element to your clients' room.  


All paintings are created with conservation-grade materials.  Framing options and selection are at the discretion of the client. 


Unfortunately due to Covid -19, my ability to visit client locations is on hold until further notice.  However, if you are interested in commissioning a painting, please feel free to contact me.  Technology allows us to utilize videos, close up photos, and other no-contact means to get the work done and the painting will be shipped directly to your location.  

Please be well and be safe!  Thank You. 

"Karens' Dream", 18 x 36, Oil on Canvas: Private Collector Commission