Oil painting Large cumulus clouds
Changing Weather on Cape Cod
Breaking Through, Materese Roche.jpeg
Oil Painting, Landscape of Beach with sparkling water by Materese Roche
Marsh Light in Barstable, MA,  Materese Roche, Oil painting of Marshes in New Englad
Oil Painting, trees and white clouds in summer by Materse Roche artist
Large, monochromatic black and white painting of clouds, Materese Roche, artist
Oil painting of bright orange sunset over a field
Incoming Storm on Cape Cod, 16 x 24 Oil on Linen
The Approach; Monochromatic oil painting of clouds,  Materese Roche, artist
Harwich, Cape Cod. Materese Roche.jpg
An Unknown Road;  Materese Roche, Oil Painting of large white clouds and blue sky
New England Clouds, Oil on Canvas, 30 x 40
Barnstable, Cape Cod Marsh
Backlit Clouds on ByOak Farm
Black and white painting of trees in fog on a lake
Oil Painting of Cumulus Cloud over a soft green field,
Large Cumulus Cloud rising over mountains an a field
Thunderhead, Oil on Canvas, Materese Roc

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Marsh Light In Barnstable, Oil on Canvas, 30" x 30".  $3,800