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All Paintings featured on this page are available via Auction on E-Bay.  Click on a painting for more information and a direct link to the E-Bay Auction 

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atmospheric landscape painting, coastal New England art, Materese Roche
coastal paintings of New England, paintings by Materese Roche, painting of beach dunes
IMG_2273 2.jpg
atmospheric landscape paintings, sunset beach painting

Landscape Paintings New England

coastal paintings New England, oil painting beach dunes, Materese Roche paintings

New England marshes oil painting

New England dunes landscape 

morning glow.jpg
atmospheric landscape paintings, sparkling clouds, new england marshes, Materese Roche
atmospheric landscape painting, new england landscape art prints, clouds and marshes in New England, Materese Roche
atmopsheric cloud paintings, new england landscape fine art prints,  realistic clouds marshlands. Materese Roche
Coastal Paintings New England, fine art prints of New England coastal paintings, oil paintings of Truro, Cape Cod materese roche
fine art, coastal paintings New England, Yarmouth, Cape Cod, paintings by Materese Roche

big atmospheric 

landscape oil painting

atmospheric landscape paintings new englad, maine landscape paintings, Materese Roche
coastal paintings New England, Fine art, Materese Roche
Fine art coastal paintings New England, Sunset on marshes oil painting Cape Cod, Materese Roche
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