Life Changes in the blink of an eye . . . .

When life changes in the blink of an eye, it’s usually not good news. However, this week I had that experience, and it was a very positive, potentially life changing opportunity that I cannot let pass by.

I have been accepted into the Master Class program with internationally acclaimed artist, Israel Hershberg. For 5 weeks, this intense and challenging program will often push me to my artistic limits, expand my knowledge of art and I'm sure, even my concept of what it means to be an artist.

The class is held in Civita, Castellana Italy, about an hour outside of Rome. Civita is the origin of open air painting and the works of Corot , for example, evidence the powerful effects the landscape of this region can have on a painter.

This is not a “plein air workshop” - it’s far more than that. As described on the JSS in Civita website, “The Master Class is artistically and intellectually rugged – student output is inquiry based and intensive. Faculty input is challenging, delving into weighty considerations of pictorial language as well as frequent and direct challenges to one’s existing ideas and approaches to painting and practice.”

In addition to the intensive painting program, there are weekly trips into to study the art in Naples, Florence, Urbana and Sienna; lectures and twice weekly critiques.

I’ve always dreamt of this kind of opportunity: total immersion; working with the very best artists and instructors; and having the time and space for the kind of dedicated, uncompromising hard work that can take you to the next level of artistic development.

Please join me here on this blog as I share my preparations for, and attendance in this class. It’s going to be an amazing, life changing journey.

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