Small Paintings

Small work where I explore atmospheric effects in landscape paintings, coastal New England scenes and even still life.   The paintings in this portfolio are

approximately 8" x 10" (maybe a little more, sometimes a little less) 

Atmospheric landscape paintings New England salt marshes and clouds, Materese Roche, small new england landscape paintings for sale
fine art coastal paintings New England, painting of Buzzards Bay, MA, Hammetts Cove. small paintings of New England for sale, Materese Roche
bucks county landscape paintings sunset and dusk, Materese Roche
Misty atmospheric landscape painting, sunset painting organe and gray, Materese Roche
misty atmospheric cloud landscape paintings, soft landscape paintings with trees and clouds, Materese Roche
Still life paintings of Peonies, Materese Roche
coastal paintings New England, marsh oil painting with clouds and trees, Materese Roche
coastal paintings New England, Buzzards Bay, MA, Hammetts Cove, Materese Roche
Coastal paintings New Englad, Truro MA artwork, beach painting, atmospheric beach painting
Colorful winter landscape painting bucks county, pa, plein air landscape paintings bucks county, pa, Materese Roche
landscape paintings of the eastern shore, atmospheric landscape paintings
Misty Atmospheric landscape painting, soft landscape painting with sun and clouds, Materese Roche
coastal paintings new england of salt marshes Cape Cod, MA, Materese Roche
Realistic still life paintings, Anjou Pears, Materese Roche
misty atmospheric landscape paintings Cape Cod, New England, soft misty landscape paintings of New England, Materese Roche