A new collection of landscape paintings focusing on the palpable sensations of air, wind and light.

Available now, online and at the studio. 


This body of work, titled "Breathe" is my response to the pandemic.  The intention was to invite viewers into paintings where they have the physical sensation that they can breathe deeply, feel the wind and the sun on their faces and escape into the beauty of nature. For purchase information, click on "Purchase" for online buying, or contact me to schedule a time to view the work in the studio. 



One of the advantages of commissioning a painting is the deepening of the artist /collector relationship.  The creative process becomes personal, interactive, and results in something much more than just a picture.  For more information, and stories behind a few of my previous com please review the commissions section of the website. 

Copper Abstract.jpg

A new collection of paintings, inspired by the patterns, colors and shapes found in objects such as verdigris copper,  various stones and the patterns in water.