"The raw power of nature, contrasted with exquisitely sensitive gradations of atmosphere and light; this contradiction, these opposites that are almost at odds with each other and at the same time in complete harmony -that's what keeps me going back to the easel every day."

About the Artist


Materese Roche is a contemporary realist landscape painter.  Well regarded for her atmospheric, sensual oil paintings, her award-winning work is actively collected and has been exhibited in Phillips Mill, Gratz Gallery, Newman Galleries in Philadelphia, The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and the Philadelphia Sketch Club. 


Inspiration comes from her direct interaction with nature. “There is simply no substitute for painting a landscape from life. The kinesthetic and emotional subtleties, our physical connection with nature and how it affects the painting process cannot be captured when working solely from a photograph.  That relationship and interaction with nature is vital to my work.  How things look is important.  Yet, to breathe in the scent of the air, feel the temperature and humidity on my skin, and even listen to what is going on around me;  all of those sensations get translated and incorporated into a painting. I believe that is how we begin to create art, and not just form an image"


Influenced by the great landscape painters of the past, particularly the Russian master landscape artists, and the Hudson River School, she strives to create a contemporary interpretation to these classic genres.,   "I aim for a fresh, energetic feeling in my landscape paintings by experimenting with composition, colour harmonies, and proportions.  My goal is to convey the timeless beauty of nature, and try, to capture some of its' mystery with a modern eye.  It's a very humbling experience".


Regular travels to New England, particularly Cape Cod or Martha’s Vineyard provide the inspiration for much of her work.  When not in New England,  the vast fields and skies surrounding her gallery and studio in Bucks County, PA provide ample material for her paintings.


Passionate about art, nature, culture, and education, art is more than a profession, it is a way of life.  A graduate of Temple University  (Bachelor of Science) she later attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and studied aesthetics at the Barnes Foundation at its original location in Merion, PA.


Gallery and Studio Visits


Collectors are welcome to visit the artists' gallery and studio which is located on a private farm in Bucks County, PA.  With the ability to see and discuss the paintings, both finished and works in progress;  the location provides a unique, warm and intimate experience which is a far cry from standard "white space" venues.  


To schedule a visit, please contact the artist via email to arrange a mutually convenient day and time.  



Comments and Reviews


"A mathematician, like a painter or a poet, is a maker of patterns. And Beauty is the first test.  Through her paintings, Materese Roche continually proves this theory to be true." Diana Cercone, art critic, and writer


"It's not just a meadow or still life objects in front of her, Materese incorporates all of her senses into her work...combined with her unique vision, this is what makes her work distinct."  L. Bradley, Specialist, Fine Art Department Rago Arts and Auction. 



"One of the area's most prestigious and talented contemporary artists...  highly regarded for her masterful compositions".  Paul Gratz, Gratz Gallery, Doylestown. 



The artists' studio & gallery is located in Bucks County PA, Art Collectors and Interior Designers are welcome to schedule a visit by appointment.


Please click here to arrange a time for your visit. 




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