"The raw power of nature, contrasted with exquisitely sensitive gradations of atmosphere and light; this contradiction, these opposites that are almost at odds with each other and at the same time in complete harmony -that's what keeps me going back to the easel every day."


For over a decade, Materese Roche has been well regarded for her evocative landscape paintings. Her award-winning work is sought after by collectors and designers for their emotive qualities as well as their unusual sense of place - simultaneously specific yet universal.

With classical training, she earned the necessary technical skills to capture the appearance of a landscape. However, it is the quiet, focused study of nature that allows her to uncover the poetry of a location. Subtle light and color gradations, combined with unexpected textures give her work a depth and movement viewers can feel.


Born in Philadelphia, Materese graduated from Temple University with a Bachelor of science. Her first career was in the corporate worlds of finance and international human resources, frequently traveling to Europe for her work.


In 2007 she began attending the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and studied aesthetics at the Barnes Foundation in Merion, PA.  In 2019 Materese was selected for an intensive five-week master class for landscape painting in Italy with Israel Hershberg.  This experience deeply expanded her understanding of light, atmosphere, and color. Completion of the Best Painting Practices Workshop at the Florence Academy of Art under George O’Hanlon refined her craftsmanship by focusing on the use of conservation grade art materials and their proper use to ensure the highest physical quality and longevity of oil paintings.


Her work has been exhibited at The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, the Philadelphia Sketch Club, Newman Galleries in Philadelphia and Gratz Gallery in Bucks County. 


Materese frequently travels for painting, particularly to New England. In addition, she offers instruction to a select group of art students, occasionally serves as a juror for art competitions, and gives presentations on topics including visual literacy and aesthetics. 

Materese maintains her studio and gallery which is located on a private farm in Bucks County, PA. The opportunity to view the paintings, and talk about the work directly with the artist, provide a unique and insightful experience that is quite different from standard "white space" venues. 


Collectors and designers are warmly welcomed for visits and consultations by appointment. 



Comments and Reviews


"A mathematician, like a painter or a poet, is a maker of patterns. And Beauty is the first test.  Through her paintings, Materese Roche continually proves this theory to be true." Diana Cercone, art critic, and writer


"It's not just a meadow or still life objects in front of her, Materese incorporates all of her senses into her work...combined with her unique vision, this is what makes her work distinct."  L. Bradley, Specialist, Fine Art Department Rago Arts and Auction. 



"One of the area's most prestigious and talented contemporary artists...  highly regarded for her masterful compositions".  Paul Gratz, Gratz Gallery, Doylestown. 







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